My life in Wednesdays

Nobody remembers Wednesdays. Wednesdays are the middle child of the week; past the start of something new and exciting, but not quite at the cusp of celebrating an achievement. They’re the new car smell right before a road trip has worn off, and you’re not close enough to your destination to see the pretty views. Wednesdays are lost in the hustle and bustle of daily routines – emptying meal prep containers, squeezing in weekly workouts, and wistfully texting to make plans for when you have time; time that you don’t usually have on an average Wednesday.

I can’t remember a single significant thing that may or may not have happened on a Wednesday. Or even any Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday for that matter. Yet, these weekdays make up most of our year. In fact, we spend 261 days each year on our daily, working routines. That’s more than two-thirds of our life (give or take a few weeks for vacation).

The reality is that we spend far more time in our weekday working mode than on relaxing weekends or vacations. But, how many Instagram posts are from moments that occurred on a weekday? 

I get caught up in summarizing my life with an awfully curated sample of highlight reels that conveniently omits the ordinary routines of real life.  I know that there are moments even during those routines when I was happy. So, how do I make sure those nuances and moments are not lost? How do you remember the face of a supporting character that adds sharp humour to a play when you’re so focused on the star who has taken the stage? 


I started reflecting on how many different “Wednesdays” I’ve had in life so far. Even though I’m only 23, I’ve had quite a few: 

  1. I’ve had Wednesdays of a student at home in Toronto, where I attended primary, middle and high school (Ah, the pre-teens – that’s definitely when I peaked.)  
  2. I’ve had Wednesdays of an eager business student, studying at Queen’s in Kingston (which included a questionable lifestyle of waking up 20 minutes before class and shamelessly ordering McDonald’s at ungodly hours). 
  3. I’ve had Wednesdays as an exchange student in Prague, where I was adapting to new cultural norms and an international group of friends. 
  4. I’ve had Wednesdays as an expat in London, attempting to grow new roots in a country where I’m starting from scratch. 
  5. Now, I have Wednesdays as a displaced Londoner back at home during COVID – dealing with ambiguity every place I look. 

I guess it shows how life changes so quickly…and I’m excited to see how my Wednesdays continue to change. Here are some of the Wednesdays I find myself daydreaming about: 

  1. Wednesdays as an urban professional when I have my own place and I’m not renting a room and living with strangers (*cough* sorry, flatmates).
  2. Wednesdays when I’m in a relationship, and we wake up together before going to work. 
  3. Wednesdays when I’m a mother and have kids (*gasp* Dependants! I can’t even make myself dinner sometimes!). 

Wednesdays can be really special if you examine them carefully. They might not have the glamour of the weekend, but they are treasure chests of memories and experiences in their own way. And that’s worth remembering. 

The only thing constant in life is change. Including Wednesdays.

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